Community events are in full swing this Spring

Published 5:01 pm Thursday, April 8, 2010

Over this past Easter weekend a multitude of community-wide events were held in Lowndes County.

A variety of activities, such as basketball, softball, Easter egg hunts and early morning, sunrise church services were only a small number of the many events used to help benefit this great county, its boastful towns and the extraordinary people whom live here.

It was awe-inspiring to see the large numbers of people turning out and participating in these activities to support the various causes, organizations and people.

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These community-wide events are extremely important to any place throughout the world due to the uncanny number of people and organizations they go to support.

Whether those activities are for sponsoring graduating students, raising money for various local departments or asking for support for a dear loved one in their time of need, these types of community involvement show the care, consideration and respect of every person whom lives here for neighbors.

Spring is in now full swing, which means, not only that the pollen has dusted a majority of resident’s vehicles, but that a slue of other community-wide events are right around the corner for people of all age groups.

Calico Fort and the County’s Gospel Best are only a couple that are sure to draw significant numbers of people in support of this wonderful place to live and the people that live in it.

All of these activities and their information are updated regularly and can be found the Events section of the Lowndes Signal.

People should make plans when at all possible to get out in the beautiful afternoon sun and attend these various events.

This will not only support a local or global cause, but allow everyone to meet new people and form a stronger bond between the residents of this fine county.