Central, Calhoun compete in community AAU basketball challenge

Published 4:56 pm Thursday, April 8, 2010

By Eason Franklin
The Lowndes Signal

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) hosted a community basketball game this weekend to gather members of surrounding communities in Lowndes County.

Seniors from Calhoun High School and Central High School competed in the tournament at the Central High School gymnasium to determine who would earn bragging rights for their school.

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Sponsored by the Brotherhood of Phi Beta Sigma and Tristatz, LLC, the Super Showcase Basketball Challenge started with the anticipated tip-off which left the ball in the hands of the Central players.

Sporting Unified Stars (U-Stars) on their jerseys, both teams showed aggressive ball control as they battled back and forth for possession.

The scores between both teams remained close-knit throughout the first and second periods, leaving excited fans waiting for the series of events to come.

At half-time, participants from various age groups gathered in the middle of the gym floor to see whom could sink the ball in the net from half-court.

Local DJ Rick D from Montgomery played music from the stage to keep all the people in attendance pumped throughout the game and intermission.

Producing roughly 15 takers to the challenge, groups were divided from eighth-grade and below and ninth-grade an above.

One participant from each set was able to win $20 for their shots, though all who tried received treats from the concession stand.

“We would like to make this an every year event and bring in other teams from the surrounding communities,” said event director William Scott. “It’s all about trying to help people within the community.”

Scott, the former Mayor of Mosses, works with the Census Bureau in the Black Belt.

As the half-time events pressed on, so did the challenges. People who were looking to win the 3-point challenge stepped onto the floor as Scott explained the rules.

Each player got a total of nine shots from the 3-point line. Three shots were to be made from the line on either side of the goal, while the other three were from in front of the goal.

The event kept the attention of the estimated 150 people in attendance that night as a total of 20-25 players tried their hand at the competition.

As the participants hit more shots, more competitors made their way to their seats to see who would victor over the event.

To cap off the half-time show, the Mega Dunk contest took place to only a handful of volunteers from each team.

Players had one minute to land their best dunk before judges determined whom would go home with the cash prize.

The buzzer then signaled the start of the third period as both Central and Calhoun traded possession of the ball.

The remainder of the fourth period saw both teams exhausted from the intense competition as the final buzzer sounded and victory favored Central.

Each team received certificates of appreciation for their efforts in the community tournament. A dance was also scheduled to end the night of fun.