Help our law enforcement fight drugs

Published 6:18 am Friday, March 26, 2010

The Lowndes County Drug Task Force (LCDTF) has the difficult job of fighting the war on illegal drugs throughout the county. It is a tough, demanding and often dangerous undertaking that, at times, goes unnoticed.

LCDTF Commander Wilbert Barnfield hopes that local residents will play a vital role in stopping an on-going affliction that plagues our society.

We urge the community to listen to Barnfield. Why?

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When homes are broken into, when people are robbed, when families are threatened — all in an effort  to support a drug habit — something must be done.

When citizens have their personal possessions stolen, have their property damaged or our families faced with physical harm, we stand to lose nearly all that is important to us.

Families that have been affected by drugs, theft, physical harm or even threatened, know the enraged feeling of contempt for those associated with such crimes. It’s a horrible feeling.

We need to fight back, and we have that opportunity.

“We need people to communicate any suspicious or illegal activity as they see it,” Barnfied says.

We support Barnfield’s efforts to make Lowndes County safer from the problems of illegal drugs and the crimes associated with its activity.

In addition, the task force is focusing on the prevention of underage sale of alcohol to minors.

The sale of alcohol to underage minors is another preventable problem that can be solved with a proactive law-enforcement attitude.

Let us listen to Barnfield’s advice and work together to help our community eliminate a terrible problem.