Help us fight litter

Published 12:51 pm Thursday, March 11, 2010

It only takes one simple action to make a beautiful place ugly. The toss of a cup, or paper bag, or cigarette butt, from a speeding car might seem insubstantial, but evidence along the highways of Alabama shows that those small, seemingly insignificant, pieces of trash can add up quickly.

Lowndes County is no different from other counties in Alabama. Litter is a constant thorn in the sides of both our elected officials and citizens who abhor seeing the county’s beauty marred by someone’s careless act.

It also effects how travelers and visitors perceive the county, as well as potential residents. Who wants to live and work inside a county that’s not clean?

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We applaud the actions of some individual citizens – John McMeans, Dale Gates, Tyrone Powell – and the Lowndes Citizens United for Action, who meet every second Tuesday of the month to generate ideas on how to keep the county clean.

“Lowndes County is a very beautiful place and our organization works tirelessly to keep it beautiful,” said Debra Harris, of the LCUFA. “Litter on our roads sends a bad message about the county and we want everyone’s help to do something about it.”

It’s citizens like these and their willingness to become personally involved in maintaining the beauty along our roads that make us proud to call Lowndes County home. We encourage our elected officials and each and every citizen to follow their lead.

For more information about joining the Lowndes Citizens United for Action call 613-7891.