‘Mystery trip’ with Greenville group leads to Pensacola Museum

Published 12:44 pm Thursday, March 11, 2010

By Mary McCraney

Ann McQueen and Shirley Ryals joined the Senior Circle group from Greenville on their mystery trip on Thursday.

The mystery was solved when the bus pulled up at the “Flight Museum” in Pensacola.  After a delicious lunch and tour there, the group headed over to the lighthouse where Shirley climbed all 177 steps to the top.

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(Wow, as much as your writer loves lighthouses I would have had to see it from the ground).  The view was wonderful.

For dinner the group went to Pace, Florida to the Farmer’s Opera.  They heard the Sawmill Band sing old country favorites for entertainment.

The funny thing about this trip was that they were supposed to go on February 12, the day it snowed.  Can you imagine a trip to Pensacola being snowed  out?

Sounds like a wonderful day.

Our family was happy to have Ashley, Brett, Crystal and Brian home for the day on
Saturday.  We all had lunch at Sharon’s and had such a good visit with the children.

Allison and Stinson Ellis enjoyed a weekend visit from Allison’s parents who live in Georgia.  We’re sure that seeing little “Rivers Ellis,” who is a little over one month old, had a “little” something to do with their visit.

The little ones grow so fast and change so fast.

The Fort Deposit Church of Christ youth group hosted the area-wide devotional on
Sunday night.  The building was full and extra chairs were necessary.

As I have mentioned before when that many young people get together in a building the singing is absolutely great.

After the worship service, the young people had their devotional and moved on to the fellowship building for a “spaghetti supper”.  The youth present were from:  Walnut Street – Greenville, Prattville, University Church in Montgomery, Eastern Meadows in Montgomery, Redland Road – Montgomery area, Liberty – Hope Hull,  Stoney Point, Davenport and Camden.

There were approximately 150 plus for the meal.   This was a great night for all.

Mrs. Mary Evelyn Payne was taken to the hospital about l:00 A.M. Monday morning.
She has had a number of tests run and at this time (Monday night) they have changed some of her medicines but will have to hear from the test before they are sure about the problem.  Please keep her in your prayers.

I do not have any information about others who are ill.

Monday’s beautiful sunshine and warm weather was definitely a blessing from God.