RIF program takes LMS by storm

Published 9:03 am Saturday, March 6, 2010


Retired teacher Maggie Legg speaks to students of Lowndes Middle School on the importance of reading.

Reading has proven to be a fundamental skill of learning and acts as a necessary means of achievement for scholars.

It has also given students at Lowndes Middle School the unique experience of participating in the National Education Association’s Read Across America Program.

The program is held nationwide on Mar. 2, the anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and encourages children across America to become more engaged readers.

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With the help of the Board of Education and federal grants, schools throughout the Black Belt region host the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program three times per school year.

RIF is a founding partner in the Read Across America program and helps to offer children the opportunity to receive books of their choice free of charge.

The titles are selected by students for students and include fiction and non-fiction books spanning first through ninth-grade reading levels.

Retired teacher Maggie Legg spoke enthusiastically about the importance of RIF.

“This gives the children a chance to own books, create personal libraries and the program acts as an extension of the current reading curriculum,” said Legg. “We want to expose students to drama, technology and other various educational subjects to help them succeed.”

Lowndes Middle School has also teamed with Pizza Hut to participate in the Book It program, allowing librarian Adrienne Butler to hand out free coupons for students who return library books by their due date.

Reading Across America spotlights reading year round with Teen Read Week, International Literacy Day and Drop Everything and Read Day.