Lowndes Academy alumni give back to their alma mater

Published 7:54 am Saturday, February 27, 2010


Linda Williams (Left) accepts a $600 donation to expand the selection of books in the Lowndes Academy library from Sam Sullivan (Center) and R. T. Floyd (Right).

Fund raising through alumni has always been an integral part of Lowndes Academy and those funds have always been contributed to the success of its students.

Two former members of the Class of 1974 held to that school tradition in a recent visit to Lowndesboro.

Sam Sullivan and R. T. Floyd presented Lowndes Academy with a donation of $600 on Thurs., Feb. 18.

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Funds were collected by the alumni in at their 30th reunion with the goal of contributing towards the school’s curriculum.

The class holds reunions every five years and decided this past July to donate a major portion the funds for the purpose of expanding the selection of books in the Lowndes Academy library.

The former students want to prompt other graduating classes to plan for a future investment through their class treasuries.

The alumni hope to be able to contribute additional funds in the future and want to encourage other graduating classes to fund similar projects through their donations.