Davis, other local leaders speak to democratic party

Published 7:55 am Saturday, February 27, 2010

Members of the Democratic party gathered in Hayneville last Wednesday to lend their voices to the issues facing voters in Alabama.

Artur Davis, Barbara Evans and Calvin Williams were among the recognizable faces in attendance at the Hayneville Plaza Ball room. After the meeting, Artur Davis touched on his status as candidate for Governor of Alabama.

Davis said the race looks very good for his campaign and he expects to be competitive with a current lead over his opponent, Ron Sparks.

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“We don’t take anything for granted,” said Davis. “Ron Sparks has proven to be a formidable opponent.”

Davis said his campaign has been speaking to the aspirations of the people in the state and talking about issues the next Governor of Alabama is going to deal with.
Economic development, improving the quality of education and strengthening the current job-base were issues the Congressman discussed with local Democrats.

He said he plans to do this with by taxing gaming in Alabama if approved by the voters.

“I will tax gambling at a rate of at least 25 percent, and sit down with the legislature to work out a division of resources that will determine where to distribute gaming proceeds,” said Davis.

If elected, Davis said he will be able to govern independently and establish a state-wide gaming commission with a tough regulatory structure to make sure gaming does not turn into a source of corruption in the state of Alabama.

Davis says he believes he can bring the state together and become a Governor who can create jobs and infrastructure.