County covered by rare snow storm

Published 7:42 am Saturday, February 27, 2010


The historic Lowndes County courthouse and park are blanketed by snow during last Friday’s snow storm.

For the first time in several years heavy snow fell across Lowndes County Friday as a winter storm hit the state, entrenching some citizens within their homes and stranding motorists along U.S. highways.

Many schools and government offices throughout Lowndes County had been officially cancelled one day prior to the snowfall.

Subsequent to reports of impending weather conditions, EMA Director Walter Hill said that county road crews had been advised to remain on standby for any reports of hazardous road conditions, power outages and stranded motorists.

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On the day of the major snowfall Hill addressed conditions saying that “many of the road crews are assessing numerous reports of wrecks along U.S. Interstate 65 and throughout Ft. Deposit.”

Friday morning some problems had been reported due to icing on power-lines and trees in Ft. Deposit. However, no power outages were officially called in.

Hill stressed that crews worked late into the evening, checking less-traveled roads for any additional stranded motorists in need of assistance and road hazards.

According to Hill, County Engineer David Butts worked with road crews to put down sand on bridges and roadways in response to icing.

“[There was] nothing significant to allow roads to be closed,” Hill said.

Fire and rescue workers did respond to an early morning house fire on Friday in Hayneville and a wreck off Highway 21, but there were no serious injuries were reported.