Where to Buy

The Lowndes Signal is available at the following locations:
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Hayeville BP
15 W. Tuskeena St., Hayneville

Bell’s Hardware
116 Commerce St., Hayneville

Hayeville Drugs
Hayneville Town Square

Shopper Stop 145

10 Hwy, 80 E., Lowndesboro

Letohatchee Amoco
7645 97 S. Hwy. 31, Letohatchee

Hayneville AG
615 Hwy. 21, Hayneville

United Food & Fuel
3241 Money Road, Montgomery

Quick Stop
101 Milner St., Fort Deposit

Fort Deposit Pharmacy
120 S. Pollard St., Fort Deposit

St Clair Grocery
1109 St. Clair Place, Lowndesboro

Fort Deposit AG
101 Bargainer St, Fort Deposit