Fort Deposit breaks ground new Fort Deposit Family Dollar

Published 5:01 pm Monday, November 20, 2023

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Residents of Fort Deposit and surrounding areas will soon have a new place to shop soon as the town welcomes the addition of a new Family Dollar and Dollar Tree combination store.

City officials held a groundbreaking ceremony for the town’s new business on Nov. 17 and celebrated the official kickoff of construction.

Mayor Jacqulyn Boone said the new business is highly anticipated. She hopes its addition will aid in the town’s revamping and redevelopment.

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“First and foremost, I give God all of the praise,” Boone said. “We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the new business. It is our commitment to serve and contribute to the vibrant community spirit. We would like for everyone to join us in creating a new chapter filled with opportunities, growth, and shared success.”

According to project superintendent Burt Allen, the new store will be 10,500 square feet and completion of construction is anticipated in late January or early February of 2024.

City councilman William Steiner acknowledged a need for new business in the town as he discussed an uptick in revenue and tax money that is expected to be a financial benefit to the town once the store is open for business.

“We’re getting prepared for a new building and a new business to come into the town of Fort Deposit,” “We need new buildings and new businesses because our infrastructure is low and therefore this will bring key taxes to the town. A town of this size needs whatever business we can get to bring prosperity.”

The Fort Deposit Family Dollar and Dollar Tree will be located on Old Fort Road at the previous site of Randy’s Collision Center, just across the street from the Fort Deposit Town Hall.