Your opinions matter but keep it clean

Published 1:13 pm Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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An Editorial Opinion of The Lowndes Signal

Humans are unique among all living beings and different from one another in many ways. One way people that stand out is in their individual perspective on the world and the people, places, and events which impact their lives.

Community coverage inspires readers to express their views. Often the opinions shared are positive – congratulating featured individuals on accomplishments and voicing a desire for more local events to enjoy.

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But not all viewpoints are positive or encouraging. Many, especially those expressed on social media, share false information, include profanity, or are otherwise inappropriate. Some are used as a platform for political, religious, racial, or other viewpoints, when individuals take the opportunity to declare their own version of the truth.

We welcome our readers to express opinions, both positive and negative. Receiving feedback is a vital part of community coverage and it matters to the people and organizations who coordinate local initiatives.

Congratulations and well wishes encourage featured individuals to continue their good work and inspire others to step outside their comfort zone to fulfill their dreams or serve their communities.

Constructive criticism helps us to grow. We read every social media comment, take feedback offered by our readers and use it to improve our community coverage, with a desire to write the stories local residents want to read.

But disparaging comments, profanity, lewd or suggestive posts and the spreading of false, demeaning or otherwise offensive and damaging information will not be tolerated.

We will not publish such feedback in our editions, and we will delete them from our social media posts.

Our goal is to produce accurate local coverage. When a crime is committed, we will release only the facts as relayed to us by local law enforcement or the courts. Witness statements will be shared as well, when they meet, they can be validated.

What we will not do is allow our articles to serve as a means of tearing down our local communities. 

We hope you understand and appreciate the fact that you can count on our publications to provide you with the facts we receive in an accurate and timely manner. We welcome you, our valued readers, to let us know when we make an error so that we may correct our mistake.

We also invite you to send us your comments, story ideas, and news tips. Our readers should learn the facts about local events from their own local paper and you are a vital part of our coverage.

Please send news tips, story ideas, or comments to us at or by calling (334) 306-4641.