Butts to remain Lowndes County Engineer

Published 9:15 am Saturday, May 13, 2023

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Lowndes County Engineer David Butts will remain as Lowndes County Engineer, staying in the area to serve the people he loves and who he has come to realize, love him in return.

“I’ve always loved Lowndes County, but I didn’t realize Lowndes County loved me,” Butts said. “Everybody called and asked me to stay or asked if I would stay and it was just hard for me to pull away. I’ll always know that I love them, but this proves that they care for me also.”

Butts submitted his resignation to the Commission and the group’s April 25 meeting, telling commissioners he had accepted a position as Dallas County Engineer. During that meeting, commissioners requested Butts consider remaining in Lowndes County.

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After that meeting, Commission Chairman Charlie King, Jr. said citizens began calling commissioners, expressing their hope Butts would stay.

“He’s a very likable person,” King said. “We had concerned citizens from across the county call us. I think that helped him make the decision to stay.”

Butts has served as county engineer for 18 years and lives within Lowndes County. “We value Mr. Butts,” King said. “We sat down and talked with him and told him how much we value him. We asked him if he would stay, because if he left us it would hinder plans we have for road paving. [His absence] would set us back for a while.” 

According to King, Butts considered their request for a week and reached a decision to stay. The commissioners announced Butts’ decision at a specially called May 11 meeting.

King said with Butt’s decision to remain with Lowndes County, commissioners approved honoring his contract with the county for another four years.

“It feels really good [to stay],” Butts said.

The commission met on May 8 for its regularly scheduled meeting. At that meeting, the commission 

  • Received a request from the Lowndes County Area Chamber of Commerce for $50,000 to support establishing a health care authority, $5,000 to sponsor a community forum to discuss heir’s property, and $5,000 to host a Juneteenth celebration;
  • Learned about available veterans programs from felicia Thomas;
  • Approved a request from Organized Community Action Program (OCAP) representative Wanda Moultry to use $19,000 of previously appropriated funds and received another $19,000 to repair the county building the groups operates out of;
  • Entered executive session with Jim Byrd, Thomas Ellis, and Tuson Roberts from the Lowndes County Economic Development Commission to discuss industry negotiations;
  • Approved payment of invoices and Proclamation for The Calhoun School’s 50th graduation;
  • Reappointed George Hammond, Eric Ellis, and LaRue Pringle to the Lowndes County Board of Equalization;
  • Approved minutes from January, February, and March Minutes; and
  • Entered executive session to discuss good name and character with no resulting actions.