Freezing weather causing widespread Letohatchee water outages, low pressure in Hayneville

Published 6:13 pm Tuesday, December 27, 2022

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Freezing weather on Friday resulted in frozen pipes in Letohatchee and Hayneville over the Christmas holiday weekend.

By Tuesday morning, roughly 100 residents remained without water.

“Wells have been working hard,” Hayneville Mayor Jimmy Davis said. “So, we have low water pressure in Hayneville and outages in Letohatchee.”

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Officials are asking citizens to help with restoration efforts.

“The water loss is due to a bunch of busted water pipes,” Davis said. “We need residents to check their property to see if they have leaks, then get the leaks fixed. Those who have water should be conservative so the system can catch up with the usage.”

Davis said customers have reported busted pipes, which are running constantly. These leaks have drained the water tank, he explained, and full service cannot be restored until the leaks are repaired.

Residents should look for ice on visible pipes as well as steam or water rising from the ground, Davis said. Once leaks are identified, residents should contact a plumber and arrange repairs.

“If residents see a water line bust on the main line, they can call the Town Hall to report it,” Davis said. “If they have any water, they should conserve it if at all possible.”

Residents began posting on social media about outages over the weekend, reporting low water pressure in Hayneville and complete outages in Letohatchee.

On Tuesday, some continued to report five days without water with little or no information available about when citizens could expect services to be restored.

“This was an act of God,” Davis said. “I am sympathetic, and we are working on it.”

According to Lowndes County Emergency Management Agency Director Rodney Rudolph, water authorities are expected to have a plan of action in place for situations like these.

“I will host a meeting with the different water systems to get their plans after we resolve this problem,” Rudolph said.

Rudolph noted that Lowndes County Water Authority does have a plan in place. He will work with the others in January to record their plans, he said.