Getting acquainted with Lowndes County

Published 4:37 pm Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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Driving up Alabama Highway 97, it’s evident Lowndes County is composed of rural communities. From Letohatchee to Lowndesboro, there’s not a McDonald’s or Walmart Supercenter in sight.

The landscape lays out in farmland, fields, and pastures where farmers grow a variety of crops, and where cattle are raised and horses roam. 

The view probably hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years. With the exception of newer homes, paved roads, and a Dollar General or two, visitors experience scenery much like that viewed by former generations.

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And while the county’s population peaked at just under 10,000 souls in 2021, the local communities boast a warmth and vibrancy unique to rural communities.

I’ve marked just over a month working for The Lowndes Signal. News, sports, and community coverage has led me into the 45 on several occasions — for football, fellowship, and food.

Though I knew no one there when I began telling stories of the people and places in the county, my phone contacts are bursting with Lowndes County names and numbers.

So far, I’ve met the sheriff, several mayors, a few commissioners, a handful of pastors, county administrators, volunteer firemen, teachers, coaches, and innumerable residents.

And, in doing so, I’ve learned one thing already — Lowndes County residents are undoubtedly the warmest, most welcoming of people.

I’ve been invited to and welcomed at football games, church outreach events, community food giveaways, and veteran celebrations.

I’ve discovered churches which partner to fellowship and serve their community, hope inspiring ministries, volunteers who help out at schools, and restaurants too good to miss.

Each call I’ve made to gather information for stories has resulted in the acquisition of personal cell phone numbers for folks “in the know” including judges, politicians, ministers, and more than a few community leads.

While I’ve been getting to know Lowndes County, its people have welcomed me with open arms. Not once have I been met with anything other than warmth and a sense of belonging.

As we approach the season when most pause to express gratitude, this year I am thankful for a job I love with The Lowndes Signal, and its affiliated newspapers The Luverne Journal, and The Greenville Advocate.

I am also especially grateful for the opportunity to get to know all of you, our Lowndes County readers. I cannot wait to get better acquainted and to share more about all the good things you are doing.