Lowndes Academy celebrates Beef Month with visit from Cattlemen’s Association

Published 5:48 am Saturday, October 22, 2022

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Lowndes Academy students enjoyed a visit from the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association on Monday as part of a program called “Cowboys in the Classroom.” 

Students from the K-3 through 4th grade classes heard a story about caring for cattle, enjoyed a sweet treat called “cow chow.” and then were led outside to feed and pet a cow named Baby Girl, brought to show the importance of the beef industry in Lowndes County and in Alabama. “October is Beef Month in Alabama, so we spend the entire month celebrating beef, cattle, cattle producers, and highlighting beef production in the state of Alabama,” said Kayla Greer, Alabama Cattlemen’s Association Director of Communications. “The program that we held today is called ‘Cowboys in the Classroom,’ where we come to the school, we read a book to the children, we bring a cow, and let the kids experience the full circle. We talk to them about how cattle are raised, we get to show them a cow, and bring it all to life for them.”

Even though several of the students who participated in the program have been raised around cattle, some have not, making this program important for Lowndes Academy to hold. 

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“I am happy that a lot of our kids have grown up around farming and cattle but some of the kids have not been exposed to it before.” said Barry Mohun, Headmaster of Lowndes Academy. “I think it’s a great opportunity to see what goes on in our agricultural community.”

While many children today are not seeing farming first hand, they are also being introduced to plant-based meats. 

“Kids need to see what they are eating, you’ve got so much plant-based stuff coming in now, it’s important for them to see this magnificent animal walking around and turning grass into meat,” said Joy Ashley, who brought the heifer to show the children. 

Bradfield Evans, a local farmer and operator of CK Cattle in Lowndes County, was also on hand to talk to the students, show them the cow, and speak with them about the importance of the cattle industry. 

At the conclusion of the demonstration, the students eagerly formed a line to feed Baby Girl a feed mixture and hay. 

“I think it’s important for the kids at Lowndes Academy to learn about the beef industry because Lowndes County is such a heavily populated cow county,” Evans said. “With the amount of agriculture that we have in this county, it’s something that is extremely relevant to them. We need future cattlemen to come up from a young age and to get into this business so it can continue on into the next generation.” 

CK Cattle will close out Beef Month by holding its annual cattle sale on Friday, October 28th at their farm, located off of County Road 37. The sale will include 130 bulls and around 60 cows and is the largest sale that they hold all year. CK Cattle will host local and out-of-state guests and feed about 300 people beef hamburgers raised by their operation.