Opinion on Lowndes County Issues Added To Signal; Your Responsible Opinion Is Welcome

Published 10:12 am Thursday, May 12, 2022

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An Editorial Opinion of The Lowndes Signal Staff

We hope our readers welcome the editorial opinion that is being periodically added to your newspaper, in addition to those opinions expressed by our submitted columnists. Opinion has always been a part of a good newspaper intent on serving its community and readers.

More is going into bringing up the quantity and quality news coverage and opinion of your Lowndes Signal. That is a process that consumes a number of weeks in implementation. But it is needed and will proceed. And we hope our readers will see it as needed and, eventually, good overall.

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Responsible opinion of our readers and those with a stake in the community we serve is always welcome. But to protect those and ourselves from possible legal problems, all such is subject to our editing for good taste and to avoid libel.

If you have thoughts to share, please submit them by email to christy.johnson@greenvilleadvocate.com or mail to PO Box 507, Greenville, AL 36037.

In our present community concern over the ALDOT proposed changes to the Hayneville – Lowndesboro intersection with U. S. 80, we have appreciated those who have responded with their thoughts and opinions to news reporter Shane Dunaway. Thus far, the majority contacted feel more thought needs to go into making the intersection easier to safely use.

That is because most see the proposed plan as creating more problems than it solves. Eastbound traffic coming off our hilltop and short run to the intersection makes us different from those places where the proposed plan is thought to be a good solution. Add to our intersection the agricultural traffic, some of which is multiple times daily, and the proposal is not good here.

A solution to unsafe conditions is needed.

But if you see it differently from our opinion and that of other people reported in our news columns, we would be glad to publish your opinion based on the policy explained above. Responsible sharing of opinion has always been beneficial in most communities, and be we believe that to be the case in ours.