White Hall Town Council moves work session when building locked

Published 4:33 pm Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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By Fred Guarino
The Lowndes Signal
A work session that was intended to be between the White Hall Town Council and Mayor James Walker Tuesday night had to be moved to the Triple Spot (a local business) when council members and citizens showed up to a locked building.
Council member Eli Seaborn said neither the town clerk nor mayor were present for the work session.
He said the council members were present for the session, made sure the town hall door was in fact locked, put a note on the door and met at a local store. He said about 25 citizens also showed up.
“We just put a sign on the door and moved the meeting,” Seaborn said.
Seaborn said council members just listened to the citizens and their problems “and then told them that we would listen to what they say, and then we have to move forward with what the council needs to do as far as trying to get to the problems of moving forward.”
Seaborn said council members got together with the mayor last Monday and scheduled the work session this week and a special meeting next Tuesday, Dec. 29 at 6 p.m.
Town Clerk Shanavia Sellers said she knew nothing about the work session other than it had been posted on the Town Hall door. She said she did not post the work session on the door.
Sellers said the mayor was not in and not expected in Wednesday.
Walker also did not return a phone call Wednesday to comment about the work session.

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