A2D aims to resume construction this month

Published 3:33 pm Thursday, March 1, 2012

While the dynamics of the South Central Alabama Broadband Construction project are being reviewed, A2D officials will continue with “non-construction” efforts, said Antwon Alsobrook, the company’s chief executive officer, in a company press release.

Construction on SCABC Comprehensive Community Infrastructure network has been suspended temporarily as officials review the dynamics of building one of the few community-owned broadband networks in the country.

Funded by a federal grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration awarded in August 2010, the project is building a 2,200-mile next generation, fiber-optic network in eight south central Alabama counties including: Lowndes, Dallas, Macon, Escambia, Conecuh, Butler, Crenshaw and Wilcox.

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The broadband network is required to be completed by August 2013, and after about a year of design and engineering planning, and completing the required environmental assessment study, construction activity began on Phase 1 (Lowndes & Dallas) December 2011.

“We appreciate the continued support of the community and it remains our goal to finish the broadband project and provide sustainable technology for the future,” said Alsobrook.

“Everyone involved in this vital project knows how important this project is in helping improve many facets of life in south central Alabama,” said Ralph E. Brown, president and chief executive officer of Trillion Communications Corporation, the recipient of the NTIA grant. “This project will help attract much needed industry, deliver programs and services that help create jobs and enhance the access to healthcare and education, as well as improve communications for public safety and emergency preparedness.”

“This is one of the few rural broadband projects that is installing completely new infrastructure and the complexity involved in building a community-owned network has led all parties involved in this effort to stop and re-evaluate our original plans,” said Mr. Brown. “This is the prudent thing to do. We anticipate completing our review with the NTIA before March 9, 2012. Upon the NTIA’s approval, we will resume construction in March 2012.”

For more information on the project please visit www.a2dinc.com/trillioncciproject.