Pioneer customers to see rebates

Published 11:15 pm Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Lowndes Signal

Pioneer Electric customers can expect to see a rebate on their next series of power bills, according to a recent press release.

Due to extreme weather during the winter and summer months, the company sold more power than was budgeted for, causing an excess margin.

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“We create our budget based on normal weather patterns,” said Pioneer Executive Vice-President and General Manager Steve Harmon. “The extremely cold winter and the abnormally long hot and dry summer resulted in more money coming in than was budgeted. The Board of Trustees has voted to refund that money to the members.”

The rebate is based on several variables, according to the press release, and is scheduled to last from October until February of 2011. Customers can expect to see an average refund of $10 on their October bills.