Water leak draws attention

Published 2:08 pm Monday, July 12, 2010

A water pipe alongside a bridge on County Road 7 in Minter spews water.

By Eason Franklin
The Lowndes Signal

A recent major water-leak is drawing the attention of the Lowndes County Commission, Water Authority and county engineer.

The leak is occurring from a pipe along  County Road 7, about 2.5 miles past the Highway 21 intersection heading toward the Pleasant Hill community, and has been for about three weeks, according to reports.

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The Lowndes County Water Authority said the leak is a problem and they will be working alongside Lowndes County Engineer David Butts and the Lowndes County Commission to repair it.

County resident Sherman Hooks reported the leak to the water authority on June 28.

“We thought it was big enough problem to bring it to the attention of water officials,” Hooks. “It is a pretty substantial leak.”

“We are aware of the leak and it is a concern to us,” said Raymond Surles of the Lowndes County Water Authority. “The embankment where the pipe is located must be cut in order to reach the problem.”

The pipe distributes water to the residents of the Minter area from parts of Hayneville and Collirene, according to Surles.

Surles said the Water Authority will be working to isolate the leak by placing shut-off valves on either side of the pipe until the leak is fixed.

Lowndes County Commissioner, District 2, Marzett Thomas said the County Commission will have to vote to allow county crews to take the necessary means to repair the pipe.

“In my experience, the approval process for this type of problem doesn’t take very long,” said Thomas.

The Lowndes signal will update the story as the situation develops.