Hayneville raising special events rate

Published 11:51 am Tuesday, June 15, 2010

By Eason Franklin
The Lowndes Signal

The town of Hayneville will soon implement a raise in the rate charged to residents who hold public events.

The decision came during the June 14 town council meeting after recent arrests were made following a birthday party held on Pecan Dr. in Hayneville resulted in a breaking and entering, burglary, felony assault, criminal mischief, two confiscated weapons, three arrests and the use of Taser on one suspect.

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“A majority of people don’t realize they have to have a special permit to throw a party,” said Hayneville Police Chief Kevin Mitchell. “This allows the police department to be aware of the event.”

The council is set to review the town’s ordinances to decide if these types of activities are defined. In the meantime, Mitchell and the town’s attorney are working to define what types of events to which the ordinance will pertain.

Other items discussed:

– Citizens requesting police assistance concerning keys locked in cars will have to now pay $25 and sign a waiver in non-emergency situations.

The waiver will relieve the town of any responsibility concerning damages caused during the retrieval of keys from a locked car.

– County Commissioner Marzett Thomas appeared before the council to request the approval of her business license for Zett’s. The business has been operating without a city license, though Thomas has already obtained her state license.

The license approval was motioned by Council Member David Daniel, seconded by Sheryll Pfipher and approved unanimously.

– Jesse McCall has been unanimously appointed as Hayneville’s Fire Chief and will be officially sworn in June 15. Hayneville will also be working with Burkville Fire Department regarding equipment and assistance during emergencies.

– Rules and regulations were put into effect regarding the Hayneville Park Board Policy, activities held and fees.

– Founder’s Day and the activities surrounding the four-day event was announced.

“We have gotten several people committed to sponsor the event,” said Mayor Helenor Bell. “But we solicit your help in making this a great day in Alabama and Hayneville.

Thurs., July 15 at 11 a.m. Founders Day Luncheon

Fri., July 16 at 12 p.m. Unveiling Historic Monument

Sat., July 17 at 5 p.m. Sonny Boy King Parade

Sun., July 18 at 7 a.m. Prayer Breakfast

– The town council has decided unanimously to replant live oak trees on the square to replace the diseased trees which currently adorn the area.