Mosses council debates liquor license

Published 6:19 am Friday, March 26, 2010

The Lowndes Signal

The economic crisis has many communities throughout the state looking for new sources of revenue. Mosses is no different.

The Mosses’ town council is currently holding meetings to decide if a restaurant-like establishment should be allowed to sell alcohol.

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“People within the community are making trips out of town to spend money,” said Geraldine Grant. “This would allow those funds to stay within the county.”

Called The Spot, the recreational sports grill and community center would house an arcade, pool tables and VIP areas for all citizens, children and surrounding communities to bring revenue back into Mosses.

A number of citizens attended the town meeting on Tues., March 24 to voice their concerns of Mosses financial status.

“If it doesn’t work, shut the establishment down,” said Grant. “Let’s give this place a chance to give back its citizens.”

When council members asked whom would be in agreement for the establishment to serve alcohol, the entire room agreed they were in favor of the decision.

However, the council members expressed they had received phone calls asking the request not be granted.
Grant stated that the “concerned citizens” must voice their opinions at the town meeting so both parties may hear all sides of the discussion.

Mosses has housed previous establishments whom were granted the ability to sell alcohol within the town, however on some occasions authorities were called to break-up fighting.

“The council has the authority to revoke a liquor license,” said Mayor Walter Hill. “We can tell a business what they can and cannot do when it comes to awarding a business license.”

Grant expressed that this in no way would be a “club” license, but would more closely resemble that of a restaurant.

“This would be a place for children and their parents to go for birthdays, video game contests and community members to gather in a safe environment,” said Grant.

The grand opening of the establishment is set for Apr. 3, however the Mosses town council has called for further discussion by residents on Fri., Mar. 26 at 6 p.m.